Next up at WEPG: Vladimir Zelevinsky’s The Great Seduction
opens November 9

Our favorite information scientist/nuclear physicist/playwright Vladimir Zelevinsky (Manifest|Destiny, Season 106) returns to the WEPG stage with The Great Seduction, a hilarious period French sex farce that turns out not to be about sex at all. Steve Callahan directs this world premiere production, with a cast that includes Rachel Bailey, Heather Sartin, Jason Meyers, Gracie Sartin and Alex Fyles. Gabrielle de Belle-Isle is a young girl from the country newly arrived in Paris. Is Gabrielle the easy amorous conquest that the suave Duke of Richelieu believes her to be, the helpless naif the sophisticated Countess de Bourbon sees, or is she actually the cleverest of them all? Tickets for The Great Seduction are on sale now. Click here to get yours.

Auditions for Exit, Pursued by a Bear and Photograph 51 will be November 10th

Auditions for WEPG’s final two shows of the 2018-19 season will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, November 10, at the Union Avenue Christian Church. Click here for all the details.