The Ice Fishing Play is next up for WEPG

It’s getting colder and colder outside and soon it will be time to drive your truck down to the Union Avenue Christian Church, drill a big hole in the ice and enjoy our next show, Kevin Kling’s The Ice Fishing Play. The play, directed by Adam Grun, will be presented in seven performances February 10-19, 2017. Think Lake Woebegon. Not the town, the actual lake. Frozen solid (it’ll be February, after all) with a great fish lurking beneath that hole in the ice. That’s the setting for our show, which takes an amusing look at a very funny pastime while also delivering some important lessons in life.

The cast of The Ice Fishing Play features Colin Nichols as Ron, a man with an ice fishing shack on his lake and a lot on his mind. Colleen Backer plays Irene, Ron’s wife and the girl of his dreams. Scott DeBroux is Duff, Ron’s long-lost brother. Moses Weathers plays Junior Swansen, proprietor of Junior Swansen’s Fishing Barn. Michael Pierce and Shannon Lampkin are Francis and Shumway, itinerant evangelists spreading the Word to some very strange places.

Tickets to The Ice Fishing Play are now on sale (click here to buy yours). Be sure to bundle up and join us for a cold one this February.