The weather’s been cold, the news depressing (sequester, anyone?), but there are some bright spots. Truly. Yes, there are more expenses than there is money, but theatre people are incredibly creative – can’t afford a theatre? No problem, invite a bunch of friends to your (or someone else’s) place and put on a show in the living room…or kitchen…or both. I saw a new term the other day – microtheatre. Small, pop-up events.

Other people are doing onsite theatre, writing their own stuff, and creating a vibrant culture that covers us all with a blanket of creativity. It’s really exciting that when you have a vision, a desire, a story to tell, that somehow there’s a way to get it out there.

Some people are using crowdfunding (and that’s amazing – people who don’t even know who you are believe in you enough to contribute). I saw a story about someone who listed all the expenses, like a wedding registry, so you could choose to buy the show a prop…or an instrument…and you knew that what you were contributing would be put to good use.

Last night was the inaugural Critics Circle awards, and a couple hundred people were in a room, looking at each other, reminding one another of the year just past and that there’s more theatre coming up. I told Cindy and Kay today that I’m going to watch more theatre, starting now. It will remind me of how amazing and fun watching a story unfold really is.

Can’t wait to hear about Humana!