We’ve got a stack of them. Plays about drug companies, Strindberg, Faulkner…name it, we’ve got them. And we’re excited about reading them. Tonight was the first night and we’re really getting juiced. There’s something about picking up a new-to-you play, reading it, really seeing it and wanting others to share your vision. We sit around the table with popcorn balls, Billy Goat chips, cheese and crackers, and a slice of pumpkin bread (or two) and start the ball rolling.

It’s really cool when other people agree with you (that’s optimal, right?), but it’s also cool when you’re the one in the room making the pitch…telling people why this is the one that needs to stay on the list.

We’ve got a couple that are just going to sit there for a while…sometimes it’s just not the right time for something. We need to wait…let it cook…let it be there for a while until this is the year for it. We believe in a shared passion…go ahead, talk me into it…I’m ready.