The End of an Era

Who doesn’t love familiarity? It is easy to relax into the every day rhythms of our lives. There is safety in the expected. There is calm.

Well, prepare to have your socks rocked because some big changes are coming to WEPG.

If you’re on our mailing list then you’ve become accustomed to receiving lovingly crafted and dutifully delivered postcards for each and every one of our fantastic shows, along with a brochure at the beginning of the year that heralded the start of a new season at West End Players Guild.

If you received the brochure for the 105th season in July, you may want to hold onto it since it may be a collector’s item one day. That mailing is the last you’ll receive from us.

Not to worry, we’re not breaking up with you; we’ve just entered the 21st century. WEPG HAS GONE DIGITAL!

There are various ways that you can stay connected to us:

First, subscribe to our email list. This is the absolute best way to make sure you don’t miss a single performance, fundraiser, or audition.

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Second, like us on Facebook. Our Facebook page is filled with fun facts, videos, images and all the good stuff you want to see on your newsfeed.

Third, visit this website regularly.

It’s all so easy!

See, change can be a good thing.

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