We’re starting the process of playreading again, and it makes me take a look back, see where we’ve been, what we’ve been producing. There’s a practical reason for that – don’t want too many of one kind of show over another, balance, how many actors, what does the set look like…but there’s also a look to see what the plays we’ve done are saying to me. Because it is all about me.

We’ve done a couple of shows that are really telling me to pay attention. Now I wonder what we should be doing as a society for people who have served their time, and when that time is truly up. I wonder what we are doing to take care of each other – are we providing services to people when they leave prison? Are we making sure people are able to transition from military service to civilian life? Sometimes these are not easy questions and the answers aren’t easy to come by – sometimes we’re talking about ugly, complicated situations. Are we asking our leaders to follow the rules, and holding them accountable when they don’t?

This is a time of year when a lot of needs are out in the open. Are we connecting to one another and truly trying to care for one another, with warmth, compassion, humor and kindness? Are we telling each other’s stories, to keep dreams and truth alive as we move forward? I hope so.